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Cheryl Fall

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Cheryl Fall Photo by Mary Nevius

Cheryl is an embroidery designer, needlework illustrator, author of 13 books and hundreds of patterns for publication, and an accomplished illustrator for the creative industries. She's passionate about anything created with needle and thread.

She was also the host of a nationally-distributed PBS Plus television series called The Creative Life, which featured her designs during 78 nationally-aired episodes.

Cheryl travels extensively with her husband and loves to visit LNS's in the area she visits. She is always on the lookout for a technique or stitch she hasn't yet tried, and is always searching area antiques and collectible stores for unique or new pieces to add to her ever-growing needlework collection.


Cheryl is the author of Needlecrafts for Dummies, Easy Heirloom Embroidery, Quilting for Dummies, as well as 10 other books on quilting, crafts and cooking. She has over 25 years of experience as a designer and presenter for major embroidery-related companies including J&P Coats/Anchor, DMC Threads and Zweigart. Hundreds of her designs have appeared regularly in national craft, needlework, quilting and women's publications.

Cheryl is an EGA "Member At Large" and lives in Washington State.

Her newest book collaboration, Embroidery Basics was recently published by Stackpole Books.

By Cheryl Fall:

I've been stitching since the age of 6, when my mother gave me a small metal cookie tin filled with bits of fabric, balls of pearl cotton, skeins of floss, and a few half-finished projects. I can still remember the smell of the tin and the threads when I opened the lid!

A few weeks later the orphaned projects were finished and I was on to the next embroidery pattern or technique. My little tin was soon replaced with a larger sewing basket, courtesy of grandma. My skills as an embroideress were a natural progression for me and I was stitching before I even realized what happened.

I've had a lifelong love affair with embroidery, and my goal is to bring you timely information, tips and free embroidery projects so you can learn to embroider, or build on your existing skills. If you have a question or have a suggestion, feel free to email me.


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