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Be Mine, Valentine - A Counted Thread Sampler


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Be Mine, Valentine - A Counted Thread Sampler
Be Mine, Valentine - A Counted Thread Sampler

Be Mine, Valentine - Stitched Sample

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Samplers are made using a variety ot stitches or motifs and are common to cross stitch embroidery. However, any type of embroidery lends itself to a sampler-style project, including surface, freestyle and counted thread embroidery.

This Be Mine, Valentine design using counted thread stitches is a sampler as well, and utilizes easy surface embroidery stitches worked over a designated number of warp and weft threads on cotton or linen evenweave embroidery fabric. It would be wonderful given as a token of affection for a loved one, or displayed as an ornament or framed decoration during the Valentine's Day season.

Stitch the design in embroidery floss and add beads and a silver charm as a finishing touch to the design.

Just three colors of floss are needed for the design - pink, green and a variegated pink. Swap red threads for the pink for a traditional red Valentine. The complete materials list and charted pattern are available on the pages two and three, and can be accessed by selecting the next button below.

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