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Bridal and Wedding Patterns


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Bridal and Wedding Embroidery Patterns - Set 1
Bridal and Wedding Patterns

Wedding Embroidery Patterns - Set 1

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This free set of embroidery pattern features a set of five wedding and bridal patterns can be embroidered in your favorite surface embroidery stitches. Select from the bridal gown, groom's tuxedo, champagne toast with glasses on a heart, doves with a heart helping the couple tie the knot or a 3-tiered wedding cake.

The image above shows all of the patterns in this set. The pages that follow feature each of the motifs in the set in a printable format. Be sure to click on the image to bring it up to its full size before printing, for best results. Don't print the photo of the set (above), as it will be much too small to trace or use.

These pretty patterns can be worked in the bride and groom's wedding colors, in Redwork or in traditional whitework techniques for a classic look.

Stitch the designs on ready-made or pre-purchased items, or make your own accessories such as a ring bearer's pillow, shoe bags, purse or pouch, keepsakes or table linens using your favorite embroidery fabric and pattern, stitching the designs in place before or after assembly.

General directions for marking the fabric and working the design, as well as the materials needed, can be found in the following steps.

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