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Crewel Bird on a Branch


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Crewel Bird on a Branch
Crewel Bird on a Branch

Crewel Coverlet, used as a Bed Runner

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I stumbled across this gorgeous coverlet recently in an antique store, and fell in love with the design and the colors used in the embroidery. The coverlet features a chain stitched Tree of Life motif, filled with exotic birds and flowers, worked in bright shades of green, teal and pink.

The pattern provided on the next page features one of the birds from the coverlet, and would make a perfect first-time crewel project.

Crewel embroidery is traditionally worked in wool threads on a linen background, but you could easily substitute your favorite embroidery threads and fibers or cotton embroidery floss in this project. The original uses just chain stitch to outline the shapes and as a filling, but you could also use other surface embroidery stitches to work the design or to fill the flowers and leaves.

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