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Crewel Bird on a Branch


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Crewel Bird Pattern
Crewel Bird on a Branch

Pattern for the Crewel Bird

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To work Crewel Bird, click on the image above to open the pattern in a new window. Save the image to your desktop if you wish to re-size it, or print directly from the open image to use the pattern full-size (approximately 8 x 8.5 inches).

The colors of DMC embroidery floss that resemble the originals the closest are:
• DMC color #225 ultra very light shell pink
• DMC color #223 light shell pink
• DMC color #976 medium golden brown
• DMC color #676 light old gold
• DMC color #932 light antique blue
• DMC color #927 light gray green
• DMC color #3363 medium pine green
• DMC color #523 light fern green
• DMC color #898 very dark coffee brown
• DMC color #3772 very dark desert sand

Fold the square of fabric into quarters and mark the center point of the base fabric. Center the pattern under the fabric and trace the embroidery design onto the fabric using the water-soluble fabric marking pen.

Place the marked fabric in an embroidery hoop. Embroider the design using your chosen embroiderry thread.

The original was worked in Chain Stitch to outline and fill the shapes. Refer to the Embroidery Stitch List for other outline and filling stitch ideas.

A close-up image of the original embroidered bird can be seen on the next page, and can be used for color reference.

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