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Daisy Chain Cross Stitch Pattern


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Daisy Chain Cross Stitch Pattern

Swirling Daisy Chain - Charted Cross Stitch Pattern

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Directions for Working the Daisy Chain Design:
Fold the square of Aida fabric into quarters and mark the center point of the fabric using the water-based fabric marking pen or pencil. You can also mark this point with a pin if you prefer not to mark the fabric.

Following the charted pattern given here, stitch the design from the center outwards, using two strands of the six-strand embroidery floss throughout. For best results, stitch one cross stitch at a time, rather than working a vertical or horizontal row. This will give you better control over the subtle variations in the colors in the floss, and to where the shading and placement of the light and dark elements of the multicolored floss will be.

After the stitching has been completed, the finished piece can be framed as shown on the previous page. The design fits a 6x6" frame opening.

Or, finish the piece as a pincushion, biscornu (2 identical squares are needed, which are then stitched together with the corners of the first square aligned with the center sides of the second square, creating a uniquely-shaped small pincushion), as a small decorative cushion, or in any number of creative ways. The motif would also look great hoop framed or plaque finished.

For more pretty daisy crafts, using a wide range of techniques, visit the hub.

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