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Easter Egg 4-Piece Embroidery Pattern Set


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Easter Egg 4-Piece Embroidery Pattern Set
Easter Egg 4-Piece Embroidery Pattern Set

Easter Egg Set - In Progress

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Easter eggs are a symbol of rebirth or renewal of life, and of Spring finally arriving after a long, cold winter. While many historians believe the symbolism of the egg is Pagan in origin, eggs have come to symbolize the rising of Christ, and are popular motifs for Easter decorations.

Using this free pattern, you can stitch a set of four brightly-colored embroidered Easter eggs in hand embroidery. The set is worked in a variety of basic surface embroidery stitches and can be finished as ornaments or embroidered onto a table runner or napkins.

I've worked the samples on evenweave 32-count linen in variegated shades of stranded cotton embroidery floss (using 2 strands), but feel free to use your favorite embroidery threads on any evenweave or plainweave embroidery fabric.

I'll update the photo once the ornaments have been completed.

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