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Football Season Embroidery Medallion
Football Patterns

Embroidery Medallion for Football Season

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It's football season! These hand embroidery patterns featuring an American football player, a banner, and football border can be used to embroider items for football season. The circular medallion can be used as the center of a pillow cover or quilt, or embroider the design on a fleece stadium blanket to take to the next football game.

You can embroider the designs on ready-made items using your favorite surface embroidery stitches, or customize a table runner, napkins, gear bag or pillow made from your favorite embroidery fabric and pattern to coordinate with your favorite team. Use the varsity alphabet in step 3 to customize your player's number or the words on the banner.

The image above shows the medallion, while the pages that follow feature the other motifs in this set in a printable format. Be sure to click on the image to bring it up to its full size before printing, for best results. Don't print the page as-is without clicking the image, as it will be much too small to trace or use.

General directions for marking the fabric and working the design can be found in the following steps.

Please note: Photographs, patterns and illustrations contained in this pattern set are by Cheryl Fall, are copyrighted © by Cheryl Fall and are licensed solely to About.com, Inc.

Do not post these images on your web site or blog, or redistribute these photographs or illustrations in any form, including print or electronic means.

This pattern is free for your own personal use only and is not to be used for items for resale.

If others would like to have the pattern, please give them the URL of this page, so that they may come to these pages and print the pattern for themselves. Thank you for respecting my copyright.

For additional information, see Copyright Myths Explained, or the U.S. Government Copyright Office at http://www.loc.gov/copyright.

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