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Gingerbread Dreams


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Gingerbread Dreams Set 1 - Ornaments
Gingerbread Dreams

Gingerbread Dreams Set 1 - Four Ornaments

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The Gingerbread Dreams embroidery pattern features delicate frosting-like patterns you can work on tan or light brown embroidery fabric, giving them the look of freshly baked goodies. Or, work the designs on a red or blue background for Holiday drama. Choose from four ornament patterns, two borders, a dramatic wreath and small spot motifs that you can use to adorn a variety of Holiday projects from linens and tree ornaments to stockings and tabletop accessories. The additional designs can be found on the next two pages.

The actual size of the ornaments average approximately 4x4 inches. However, the pattern for the ornaments, borders, motifs and wreath can be easily changed to any size. Simply double-click the images (provided as a standard .jpg images) and save them to your desktop. You can then re-size the images using any photo editing software you have on your computer or laptop.

Transfer the patterns to plainweave fabric or card stock, then stitch the designs using embroidery floss or add a bit of glitz by using metallic or specialty embroidery threads. General directions for working the motifs can be found on the next page, and you can refer to the embroidery on paper tutorial if stitching the designs on card stock.

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