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Grow Embroidery Pattern


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"Grow" Embroidery Pattern
Grow Embroidery Pattern

The Completed "Grow" Project, Framed in an Embroidery Hoop

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Stitched sentiments are popular among hand embroidery enthusiasts. This free pattern features the word "Grow" accompanied by a small floral spray, and is perfect for Spring stitching. The use of easy, basic surface embroidery stitches also makes this project fun for beginners.

The project is also versatile. If you prefer a different word or sentiment, it's easy to substitute your own by drawing the lettering freehand on paper and replacing the lettering in the lattern when tracing the design onto the fabric. Options for words can include "Bloom", "Aspire" or even a person's name, personalizing the project.

The lazy daisy flower features a French knot center, with stems and letting worked in back stitch and leaves in detached chain stitches. Fern stitch has been used to stitch the whispy grasses on each side of the flower. Using the fern stitch in a small area like this is a terrific way to add a new stitch to your repertoire. Directions for working all of these stitches can be found in the Embroidery Stitch List.

And don't limit your stitching to unadorned evenweave or plainweave embroidery fabrics! Embroidery can be worked on almost any fabric, and in this case, I've worked the design on polka-dot printed quilting cotton. The lively color and print transforms a simple pattern into a blast of Spring color.

The materials needed and directions for working the project can be found in the next step, as is the printable pattern.

Directions for finishing the design in a hoop can be found in the Hoop Framing Tutorial.

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