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How to Make a Waste Knot


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Making a Waste Knot - Step 1
How to Make a Waste Knot

Making a Waste Knot - Step 1 of 4

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An waste knot - like its cousin, an away knot - is a temporary knot used to start an embroidery thread. The thread is secured by stitching over a tail of thread, and the knot is clipped from the fabric after the stitching has been completed.

The knot is made in four steps.

To make a waste knot, thread your embroidery needle with the thread you are using and make a small knot in the end of your embroidery thread.

Insert your needle into the top of the fabric a short distance from where you will begin your embroidery, leaving a tail of thread oon the back side of the fabric.

Bring the needle up through the fabric from back-to-front at the location where your embroidery stitching will begin.

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