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Embroidery Basics: A NeedleKnowledge Book


Embroidery Basics: A NeedleKnowledge Book
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About the Book

Topics and hand embroidery types included in Embroidery Basics: A NeedleKnowledge Book include surface and freestyle embroidery, cross stitch and counted thread embroidery, basic drawn thread and pulled thread techniques, redwork, satin and chain stitch embroidery. Projects accompany each style of embroidery, allowing the reader to try the stitches by creating a sample project.

Full-size surface embroidery patterns as well as patterns and instructions for making the finished items are also included. You can make several different types of samplers, a handy needle case, pillow fronts, towel bands, a friendly owl tablet cover or pin cushion and much more following the easy directions. Or, dress up ready-made items such as purses or scarves with hand embroidery, creating an instant, custom look.

The projects in this book all use readily-available supplies by DMC (the abbreviation of Dollfus Mieg et Cie) embroidery threads and fibers including six strand cotton floss, pearl cotton and other threads available in the United States, as well as embroidery fabrics that are easily found at your LNS, craft chain store or full-service fabric store. You won't have to scurry around trying to locate specialty supplies or hard to find items, as basic materials were used in all of the samples.

• Full color photographs of all projects
• Full-size patterns
• Easy-to-follow diagrams
• How-to illustrations are easy to follow
• Handy tips and suggestions
• All supplies are easy to locate
• The photos shown up-close details of stitching or supplies
• Average price: $12 to $19 US dollars

• Not available overseas
• Available only in English

• Published January 2013 by Stackpole Books
• Paperback: 112 pages
• ISBN-10: 0811710939
• ISBN-13: 978-0811710930
• Language: English

Guide's Comment

© NeedleKnowledge/Stackpole Books

When the editors of NeedleKnowledge asked me to help them create this book with the beginning to intermediate stitcher in mind, I was happy to assist in this collaborative effort. There's nothing I would rather do than share the joy of embroidery with those who are ready to learn. The result of a year's worth of hard work is a book that features a wide range of embroidery types, styles and subjects, with conplete directions, patterns for the embroidery as well as the sewn items, and resources for stitchers.

Make the pretty surface embroidered, folded origami-style evening bag shown here using glass shisha mirrors enhanced by basic embroidery stitches, stitch a framed redwork pumpkin patch for Halloween, back stitched and cross stitched beaded ornaments for Christmas, or stitch an Asissi-style tissue holder for your purse or totebag.

Publisher's Description

How to use a variety of embroidery threads and simple stitches to create beautiful embroidered projects. Features 17 projects in a wide variety of easy-to-learn techniques, with color patterns, including designs for towels, napkins, pillowcases, purses, cushions, tablet covers, ornaments, and samplers. Guidelines and color illustrations for mastering 42 stitches, for beginner and intermediate levels
Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer, and I was involved in the creation of this title. Therefore, no rating has been assigned to this review.
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