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Stitch with Love by Mandy Shaw

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Stitch with Love by Mandy Shaw
David & Charles / Mandy Shaw

About the Book:

The projects featured in this book are suitable for experienced and beginning stitchers alike and feature a wide variety of useful ideas for decorating simple or common objects with embroidery.

Subjects stitched include items for the kitchen, baby's room, travel, holidays and gardening and include decor items, wall organizers, book covers and ornaments.

All projects in this book are stitched using basic embroidery stitches that are in most stitcher's repertoire, or are easy to learn. The eleven (11) basic stitches used repeatedly throughout the book include running stitch, back stitch and stem stitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy and detached chain, whipped running stitch, blanket stitch (used as both an edging and a decorative stitch), herringbone stitch and French knots, cross stitch and basic satin stitch.

• Full color photographs or illustrations of projects and tutorials
• Stitch illustrations are given for both left-handed and right-handed stitchers
• The author shown how the same motifs can be used in different ways to make coordinating projects
• Average price: $17 to $20 US dollars

• Some of the projects could use better finishing instructions or diagrams. For example, the Baby's Record Book on page 62 could use a diagram to help clarify the finishing instructions
• Most of the designs are stitched in red on white or natural, which can be offputting to those who don't care for this color scheme
• The bland cover featuring plain embroidered hearts doesn't do the projects in the book justice

• Published in 2011 by David & Charles Publishing
• Paperback: 128 pages
• ISBN-10: 0715338498
• ISBN-13: 978-0715338490
• English

Guide's Comments

If you are a fan of red-and-white embroidery or are looking for embroidery projects that utilizes a small assortment of basic embroidery stitches worked on evenweave and plainweave embroidery fabrics, this book is sure to please.

The author has done a great job of using combinations of basic stitches to create a variety of useful projects featuring charming motifs and hand illustrated diagrams.

One of my favorite projects in this book include the redwork sewing room organizer on page 35, complete with individual pockets each featuring an embroidered patch to indicate the pocket's contents, such as scissors, pins and needles, or thread. A similar organizer featuring gardener's motifs such as seed packets and gardeining tools can be found on page 67.

I also love button bag shown on page 76, as it uses a wide variety of stitches and is a terrific skill building project for the beginner. The same motifs from the bag were used to make the interesting bracelet on page 80.

Travellers will love the ideas for luggage tags and document organization. You may never misplace your passport or lose your luggage again when using these adorable accessories.

Publisher's Description:

Mandy Shaw's unmistakable style provides a gorgeous collection of stitches and projects, all in natural fabrics in the stylish cream and red color palette. This book is a perfect introduction to eleven simple stitches, with step-by-step instruction for both right and left handers. This book allows you to create stunning gifts and home accessories which are personal and unique, while also leaving room for inspiration and creativity.

About the Author:

Mandy Shaw is a well known personality within the craft community. She runs Dandelion Designs, a craft design and kit company based in East Sussex, and teaches and lectures around the United Kingdom.

Her work has featured on BBC2's Leisure Hour and she has written for Popular Patchwork and Fabrications magazines. More recently, Mandy appeared on Kirstie Allsopp's Homemade Home. She is also the author of Quilt Yourself Gorgeous.

Mandy lives in the UK in East Sussex with her husband, four children a dog, cat, toroise, three fish and three chickens.

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