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Colorful Stitchery by Kristin Nicholas

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The Bottom Line

This is a good book for beginners - including children - who want to learn and use basic stitches in a simple, quick-to-stitch project.

The cover projects are attractive, however stitchers with even the most basic embroidery experience will find many of the projects in this book too simple and may be disappointed.


  • Beautiful full-color photos and diagrams
  • 65 projects total
  • Stitch diagrams included for stitches used in all projects
  • All projects are suitable for beginner stitchers, including children


  • Some items seem more like page fillers than projects
  • Patterns have very thin lines making them difficult to trace, even when using a lightbox
  • Experienced stitchers could be disappointed with the uber-simple, chunky projects


  • Published in 2005 by Storey Publishing, LLC
  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1580176119
  • ISBN-13: 978-1580176118
  • English

Guide Review - Colorful Stitchery by Kristin Nicholas

This book features easy, beginner embroidery projects while delivering a whallop of bright, hip color.

Primarily for beginning stitchers, the book features large-scale stitching in chunky threads. In spite of the simplicity of the projects, memorable items include the cover pillow worked on patterned wool fabrics, the sunflower tablecloth and the paisley throw.

Another interesting feature is that Nicholas makes use of patterned fabrics in several projects, adding color or movement to the design without requiring additional embroidery stitches. The striped fabrics on pages 82 and 96, and windowpane prints on page 78 are good examples of the fabric being part of the overall design.

However, some of the projects featured in this book seem more like fillers rather than bonafide projects. Examples include the green beribboned pillow on page 175 and gingham pillows on page 74.

Publisher's Description:

Embroidery has never looked this good or been so colorful! And it’s never been so much fun to do. With inspiration and encouragement from designer and colorist Kristin Nicholas, would-be and experienced stitchers alike will find dozens of projects that add exuberance to every room in the house.

Nicholas’s collection opens with pillow covers in dancing colors on unexpected patterns and fabrics, such as stripes and plaids, velvets and corduroys. For kitchens, she offers a joyfully polka-dotted tea cozy or jewel-bright, purchased napkins and tablecloth creatively stitched with floral motifs. Personalized wedding gifts include a luxurious, monogrammed cashmere throw and his-and-hers hot water bottle covers; or for the perfect baby gift, a cozy matching blanket and teddy bear set.

Many projects feature fabrics from flea markets and thrift shops, with complete how-to on hand-felting and hand-dyeing sweaters and blankets for the very softest, most colorful look. With her ribbon-stitched craft boxes (perfect for scrapbookers), embroidered stationery, and even a pair of espadrilles, the author explores an exciting world of embroidering on unexpected surfaces and materials.

Nicholas encourages readers to find inspiration in whatever pleases them—gardens, nature, ceramics, architecture, ethnic and vintage textiles, postcards and magazines—and to use that inspiration as the basis for this new spin on traditional stitchery. This is the craft book for every creative person who loves fibers and fabrics, and itches to counterbalance the teched-up part of their lives by using their hands for selfexpression and personal fulfillment.

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