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Embroidery Finishing

Here you'll find inspiration, directions, and ideas for framing and finishing your embroidery projects in a number of different ways.

How to Finish a Project as an Ornament
Learn to finish a small project as a basic, flat ornament using this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Finishing Using a Hoop as a frame
Finishing a project in an embroidery hoop is a great way to display a round design. The material can also be easily removed to clean, or replaced with another embroidery design.

Edge Finishes for Embroidery Fabrics
Using a temporary edge finish on your embroidery fabric helps prevent fraying as you stitch. These are the methods most often used for embroidery fabrics of all types.

Finishing an Embroidered Piece as a Plaque
Finish a smaller embroidery project as a plaque.

Lacing an Embroidery for Finishing
Lacing an embroidery onto a board is one of the most common finishing methods for framing. Here are several terrific tutorials to teach you how to lace an embroidery fabric onto a backing.

More Embroidery Finishing Tips and Tricks
Learn to properly mount and frame an embroidered project.

Self-Fringed Edge Finishing
A self-fringe makes a pretty finish on evenweave embroidery fabric. It’s easy to make using a basic hem stitch commonly used in drawn thread embroidery.

Plant Pokes and Wands
Finishing a smaller project as a plant poke or wand is a fun way to do something that's just a bit different. Pokes and wands also make great gifts.

Top Ten Tips for Keeping Embroidery Clean and Protected
Creating beautiful pieces of embroidered art is an investment not only in costly supplies, but time and energy as well. Keeping your embroidered items clean and safely stored will ensure a lifetiime of enjoyment. Following these top ten tips will help keep your projects safe.

Embroidery on Paper

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