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Finishing an Embroidered Piece as a Plaque


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Finishing an Embroidered Piece as a Plaque
Finishing an Embroidered Piece as a Plaque

An Embroidery Design, Finished as a Plaque

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Finishing an embroidered design as a plaque is a great way to add impact to a piece. The embroidered item becomes a focal point, and looks like it is floating on the background.

This method of finishing works well with any small surface embroidery project. In this sample, I have used the Stem Stitch Butterfly project as a fiinished example.

Another great thing about this finishing technique is that the design is not permamently attached and can be easily removed for laundering - or if you want to change the plaque seasonally.

Materials needed to finish an item as a plaque include acid-free foam-core board cut to the desired sizes for both the plaque and the background, fabric to coordinate with the project, needle and all-purpose sewing threads, t-pins or bead-headed straight pins, a frame in the desired size, and Velcro self-stick hoop and loop dots.

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