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How to Finish a Project as an Ornament


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How to Finish a Project as an Ornament
How to Finish a Project as an Ornament

Paisley Valentines, Finished as Ornaments

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Finishing finished projects as ornaments is a terrific way to turn a small item into something useful and decorative. It's easy to do following these basic instructions.

The tutorial can be used to finished embroidery items like these, or for cross stitch and needlepoint projects.

The sample project used in this tutorial is the free Paisley Hearts Pattern. This set of three redwork ornaments is worked in basic embroidery stitches including stem stitch, back stitch, detached chain stitch, Parisian stitch and French knots.

Step-by-step finishing instructions, complete with diagrams, can be found on the next 4 pages.

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