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Self-Fringed Edge Finishing


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Making a Self-Fringe Edge
Self-Fringed Edge Finishing

A Self-Fringed Edging

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A self-fringe makes a pretty finish on evenweave fabric. It’s easy to make using a basic hem stitch commonly used in drawn thread embroidery.

This edge can be worked on any evenweave embroidery fabric, and looks great on the short ends of an embroidered table runner.

The edging can also be worked along all four sides of an embroidered tablecloth, napkin, placemat or beverage coaster.

Work the hemstitching in thread to match the fabric for an invisible finish, or in a contrasting color of embroidery thread as I’ve done here.

The thread used to work the hem stitch should be proportionate in size to the thickness of the individual threads in the fabric.

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