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Christmas Tree in Surface Embroidery


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Christmas Tree in Surface Embroidery
Christmas Tree in Surface Embroidery

The Completed Tree

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During the Medieval era, churches would decorate trees with apples on Christmas Eve, which they called Adam and Eve Day. This free embroidery pattern features a tree that is certainly reminiscent of the old custom.

Work this free Christmas Tree hand embroidery pattern in basic surface embroidery stitches. The simple pattern works up quickly, making this a terrific take-along project.

Finish the project as an ornament, box lid, or frame it and hang it on the wall or propped on a Holiday table display.

The pattern for this pretty little tree was inspired by a piece of vintage jewelry. The pearl teardrops have been replaced with single detached chain stitch, and the red rhinestone circular ornaments with a basic eyelet. Basic satin stitch was used to work the trunk at the base of the tree.

I have worked the sample in overdyed silk 12-strand embroidery floss on evenweave fabric. However, you can easily substitute regular embroidery floss or your other embroidery thread, by adjusting the number of strands used in the project. Because silk floss is very fine, I used 3 strands to work the embroidery. If using cotton 6-strand floss, use 2 strands instead.

The pattern and materials list, stitch key, and a detail of the chain stitch filling used in the tree can be found in the following steps.

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