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Embroidered Shamrocks Pattern


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Working the Shamrock Pattern
Embroidered Shamrocks Pattern

Shamrocks Embroidery Pattern

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Enlarge or reduce the pattern, given here as a .jpg, using any photo editing software you have on your computer. The design is square, and can be adjusted to fit your favorite size of frame. My stitched example fits a 10x10" opening.

To work the design, center the design on the piece of fabric, and mark the embroidery lines by placing the pattern under the fabric and *tracing the embroidery designs onto the fabric using the water-soluble fabric marking pen.

Embroider the design using two strands of the six-strand embroidery floss throughout.

Work the design using basic embroidery stitches including stem stitch for the swirls and lines. If you prefer thinner lines, use back stitch instead of stem stitch. Detached chain stitch has been used to work the small leaves that are sprouting along the tendrils in the design.

The small dots on the pattern indicate the placement of the seed beads, stitched in place using a single strand of the floss. Use one seed bead per dot. However, French knots can be worked in these areas instead, if desired.

*TIP: If you have difficulty seeing the pattern through the fabric, use a light box, or trace the design by holding the fabric and pattern up to a window.

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