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Fall Acorn Medallion Embroidery Pattern


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Fall Acorn Medallion Embroidery Pattern
Fall Acorn Medallion Embroidery Pattern

The Framed Acorn Medallion

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Acorns have been a symbol of luck, prosperity, youthfulness and spiritual growth in many cultures across Europe for centuries. Because acorns only appear on mature oak trees, they also represent patience, fortitude and the completion of labor or a lengthy project.

This free hand embroidery pattern features a Fall Acorn Medallion worked in surface stitches commonly used in crewel embroidery, and was inspired by a design carved in an antique wood butter mould. Stitches including the chain stitch and chain stitch filling, herringbone stitch, single chain stitch, stem stitch, French knots and a simple, basic laid filling stitch have been used to work the design.

I have stitched the sample in embroidery floss on evenweave fabric, as these items are easily found and are inexpensive, making this a perfect introductory project if you have been wanting to try crewel embroidery.

The pattern and materials list, stitch key, and a detail of the chain stitch filling used in the acorn can be found in the following steps.

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