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Pair of Embroidered Christmas Ornaments - Set 1


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Christmas Ornaments to Embroider - Set 1
Pair of Embroidered Christmas Ornaments - Set 1

Two Ornaments for Embroidery

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Decorate your tree with hand embroidered ornaments! You can work this pair of Christmas Ornaments embroidery pattern in basic surface embroidery stitches, in any number of stitch combinations (see my version in step 4).

The simple pattern works up quickly and require very little in the way of embroidery supplies, making this a terrific last-minute or take-along project.

Finish the project as an ornament, box lid, or frame it and hang it on the wall or propped on a holiday table display. The individual ornaments can also be used as gift tags, personalizing the tags by embroidering the recipient's name on the back side of each tag.

This is the first set of ornaments. Additional sets can be found on the Christmas Pattern list.

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