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Paisley Hearts 3-Piece Pattern Set


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Paisley Heart 1
Paisley Hearts 3-Piece Pattern Set

Pattern for Paisley Heart 1

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To make the hearts, mark all three of the heart patterns on the piece of fabric by placing the pattern under the fabric and *tracing the embroidery designs onto the fabric using the water-soluble fabric marking pen.

Embroider the design using two strands of the six-strand embroidery floss throughout.

Work the design in colored floss, or in red variegated floss (DMC Color 115 looks beautiful) in basic embroidery stitches including stem stitch for thicker lines, back stitch for thinner lines, detached chain stitch for the leaves, Parisian stitch or blanket stitch for the inside areas of the paisley motifs and French knots for small dots (seed beads can be used here as well).

*TIP: If you have difficulty seeing the pattern through the fabric, use a light box, or trace the design by holding the fabric and pattern up to a window.

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