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Redwork Alphabet Series - Part 1


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Redwork Alphabet Series - Part One
Redwork Alphabet Series - Part 1

Stitched Sample for the Letter A

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The Redwork Alphabet is an ongoing hand embroidery series featuring each of the 26 letters of the Roman alphabet worked in surface embroidery using common surface embroidery stitches.

Each letter of the alphabet features an object starting with that letter, as well as a vining border.

This section includes the letters A though G. Please refer to Part Two for the letters H through N, Part Three for the letters O through U and Part Four for the letters V through Z along with corner filler blocks and a suggested layout.

The individual blocks take about 2 hours to stitch if worked full-size, and the finished squares can be used individually, or finished as a quilt or wall hanging using the suggested layout. Please note that if you have trouble seeing the patterns given for the Redwork Alphabet, or it prints fuzzy, it's due to the software used to create this page, as it resizes the image. Click the hyperlink in this sentence to access a pdf version of the pattern, if needed.

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