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Redwork Alphabet Series - Part 1


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Materials Needed
Redwork Alphabet Series - Part 1

Materials for the Redwork Alphabet Pattern Series

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Materials Needed:
• 9" x 9" piece of 30-count cotton evenweave fabric for each letter of the alphabet
• Size 10 Embroidery Needles
• Embroidery Hoop
• Embroidery Scissors
Water-soluble fabric marking pen

Red embroidery floss

The patterns for the Redwork Alphabet are given here as .jpg files. These files can be easily enlarged or reduced to the desired size using your computer's photo editing software.

The actual size of each design is 5x5" square.

Fold the square of evenweave fabric into quarters and mark the center point of the base fabric. Center the pattern under the fabric and *trace the embroidery design onto the fabric using the water-soluble fabric marking pen.

*TIP: If you have difficulty seeing the pattern through the fabric, use a light box, or trace the design by holding the fabric and pattern up to a window.

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