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Smiling Hello Surface Embroidery Pattern


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Smiling Hello Embroidery Pattern
Smiling Hello Surface Embroidery Pattern

Smiling Hello Embroidery Pattern

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The Smiling Hello embroidery pattern is given here as a .jpg so you can easily enlarge or reduce its size using your computer's photo editing software.

The pattern has the design shown facing the normal direction, as well as showing the design shown in reverse. The image you use depends on the transfer method you are using to mark your fabric.

After printing the design, transfer the image to your fabric by using either a light box or iron-on transfer pencils.

If transferring using a light box, place the fabric over the normal-facing image, and tracing the design using a water soluble fabric marking pen or pencil.

If you are using iron-on transfer pencils, the reverse image of the pattern will be traced onto light-weight paper, and then ironed on to the fabric. This resulting ironed-on image will then be facing the proper direction.

Learn more about using iron-on transfers in the Using Transfer Pencils tutorial, including making a test swatch and the proper pressing technique.

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