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Surface Embroidered Daisy Wreath


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Daisy Wreath in Surface Embroidery
Surface Embroidered Daisy Wreath

Spring Daisy Wreath

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Surface embroidery has always been popular, but reached cult status during the 30's, 40's and 50's as women worked hand embroidered tea towels, aprons and tablecloths for the home in rapid succession, using easy stitches and time-saving techniques.

This free pattern is a modern version of a typical surface embroidery pattern and is a terrific skill builder, as this pattern is worked using seven of the most common surface embroidery stitches on an evenweave cotton ground: chain stitch, French knots, fly stitch, back stitch, stem stitch, star stitch and the single chain stitch.

The circular design features a repeating pattern of flowers, leaves and tendrils and is accented with dots and stars.

Bright colors have been used in this version. However, you can easily change the colors to suite your own decor.

The stitch key and patterns can be found on the following pages, and if you would like to finish the project as shown here, see the directions making a hoop frame.

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