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FREE embroidery patterns for Autumn stitching.


Celebrate the coming of Autumn by stitching one of these FREE embroidery patterns, featured exclusively on the About.com Embroidery Site.

1. Gobble 'til You Wobble Turkey Pattern

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com

Wild turkeys are native to North America and the turkey has become a symbol of the Thanksgiving holiday. On the last Thursday of November, farmed turkeys grace nearly every American table, and the holiday is often referred to as turkey day..

The Gobble 'til You Wobble free hand embroidery pattern features an over-stuffed turkey teetering on his skinny legs after partaking in a Thanksgiving feast. Stitch the wobbly bird in a variety of easy hand embroidery stitches on a plainweave fabric like broadcloth or muslin, or work the turkey on a kitch towel or table runnner. The bird can even be used as the center of a wall hanging quilting project.

2. Acorn Medallion

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Stitch this pretty acorn design using basic surface embroidery stitches, and learn to work several popular filling stitches including chain stitch filling and a laidwork filling.

3. Scottish Thistle

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
This free hand embroidery pattern features a thistle flower - the symbol of Scotland - and is worked in basic surface embroidery stitches common to crewel embroidery. Like the Autumn Acorn Pattern, this design is round in shape and was inspired by a design carved into an antique wood butter mould.

4. Pumpkin Patch Wreath Set

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Stitch a project featuring the bounty of an Autumn pumpkin patch! This free pattern for a Pumpkin Patch Wreath featuring optional jack o'lantern faces accented with billowing fall leaves and delicate curving tendrils. Patterns for a coordinating border with a corner, as well as two matching spot motifs are also included.

5. Football-Themed Pattern Set

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
This football-themed pattern set includes images for a football player, a round medallion, a football border and a banner, as well as a varsity alphabet you can use to customize the designs for your favorite player or team.

6. Autumn Apple

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com

Capture that Autumn spirit in thread by stitching this Autumn Apple embroidery pattern accented with dainty leaves, flowers and tendrils using basic hand embroidery stitches. The pattern can be used to embellish kitchen towels and aprons, totes and other ready-made items, or use the pattern to make a pretty pin cushion for your workroom by stitching the design on wool felt.

The recommended stitches for this pattern include the back stitch or stem stitch for the stems and tendrils, back stitch or running stitch for the leaf veins, lazy daisy for the flowers, detached chain stitch for the little leaves and French knots for the small flower clusters and the centers of the larger flowers.

7. Pumpkin Square

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com

This simple pumpkin pattern is worked in wool thread using basic crewel embroidery stitches, and includes lettering options for other fall holidays.

Embroidery stitches used in this project include long-and-short satin stitch and back stitch.

8. Back To School Embroidery

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Celebrate the start if the school year by stitching one of these free hand embroidery, cross stitch or needlepoint patterns and projects that feature a back to school, teacher or autumn theme. Stitching one of these free patterns is a great way to kick off parental liberation day after a long, hot summer!

9. Calli's Owl

Calli - Make Do

Calli at the Make-Do, "Make It - Do It" site posted this adorable free owl pattern, available as a PDF download.

Work the design by embroidering the outlines, like Calli did in her sample, or fill the design with your favorite embroidery filling stitches.

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