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Basic Laid Filling Stitch


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Laid Filling Stitch - Square
Basic Laid Filling Stitch

Square Laid Filling Stitch

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Learn to work two versions of a basic laid filling stitch - the square laid filling and the diagonal laid filling.

These two stitches can be used to create a light, airy filling for a flower or leave in surface embroidery or crewel embroidery.

The example on this page features a plain, square filling stitch. Directions for working the same stitch on the diagonal can be seen on the next page.

To work the stitch, lay a groundwork of criss-crossing long stitches, as shown here using the orange thread.

Next, work a single diagonal stitch (or cross stitch) over each section along a row, as indicated by the green thread. These stitches hold the ground threads in place.

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