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French Knot with a Tail


How to Make a French Knot with a Tail
French Knot with a Tail

Working the French Knot with a Tail

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The French knot with a tail is worked similarly to a French knot.

To make a French knot with a tail, ring your needle up through the fabric where you want the knot to place the knot.

Wrap the thread around the fabric once for a small knot, or twice for a larger knot.

The tension of the thread around the fabric should not be too loose. It should also not be too tight. The wrapped thread needs to be snug against the needle, but the needle should be able to slide through the threaded loops smoothly, without being forced.

To finish the knot, insert the needle back into the fabric a short distance from the hole you had come out of, shown as an "x" in the illustration.

Pull the thread through the wrapped loops and you will have made a French knot with a tail.

This stitch makes a very pretty loose flower, flower center or stamen.

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