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How to Work the Scroll Stitch


How to Work the Scroll Stitch
How to Work the Scroll Stitch

Working the Scroll Stitch

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Learn to work the Scroll Stitch. This beautiful surface embroidery stitch is worked by looping the thread under the needle as you stitch, creating a graceful scroll-like effect. The stitch can be used along straight lines and curves, along bands or to outline shapes. It can also mimic rippling water or waves when used in beach or water-themed embroidery projects.

You can see a detailed photo of the Scroll Stitch here.

Work the stitch from right to left: Bring the needle up through the fabric and then tack a small tacking stitch a short distance to the right of the originating hole. Loop the thread under the fabric, and then pull the needle through the loop to make a single scroll stitch.

Repeat to the end of the row.

The size of the stitch depends entirely on the weight of the embroidery thread used, and the tension of the stitch. A looser tension with heavy thread results in more pronounced scrolls.

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