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Rice Stitch and Square Boss Stitch


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Working the Rice Stitch
Rice Stitch and Square Boss Stitch

Working the Rice Stitch

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The Rice Stitch can be used as a scattered or engineered filling stitch, or in bands and borders. It is worked similarly to standard cross stitch, with the exception of small diagonal stitches worked over the ends of each arm of the larger crossed stitch.

Rice stitch can be worked as a counted stitch on linen or Aida embroidery fabric, or pre-marked on a plainweave embroidery fabric.

To work a single stitch, bring the needle up through the fabric at the bottom left (1) and insert the needle diagonally to the upper right, making a large diagonal stitch (2). Next, bring the needle up through the fabric to the left (3) and insert the needle to the upper left (4) to make a large crossed stitch.

Next, bring the needle up next to the lower left leg of the cross stitch (5) and make a small diagonal stitch over the arm (6). Repeat around all legs of the crossed stitch (7-12).

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