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Satin Stitch - Padded or Raised


Working the Padded Satin Stitch
Satin Stitch - Padded or Raised

Working the Filled or Raised Satin Stitch

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The padded satin stitch is an easy filling stitch that can be used to fill smaller areas that are raised, giving added depth and dimension to the design area and is sometimes referred to as raised satin stitch. Small seed stitches (shown), running stitch, stem stitch or other embroidery stitches under the satin stitch are used as the padding.

Other variations of the satin stitch include the long & short satin stitch, basic satin stitch also called flat satin stitch (the embroidered shape is not padded but instead lies flat against the fabric), outlined satin stitch and shaded satin stitch.

To work the padded satin stitch, fill the inside of the design area with your chosen stitch. In this sample, I am filling the area with a single seed stitch.

Next, work the satin stitch over the padding stitches: bring the needle up through the fabric at your starting point. Then, insert the needle again across from your original entry point, on the opposite side of the shape your are filling, as if you are working the basic satin stitch.

Repeat the process to make additional stitches.

(TIP: Instead of stitches, the shapes can be padded with fusible interfacing, fusible fleece or felt cut to shape and tacked in place.)

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