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Working Basic Eyelet Stitches


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Working a Basic Eyelet Stitch
Working Basic Eyelet Stitches

Basic Eyelet Stitch

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Learn to work a basic eyelet, also called a star stitch or an Algerian eye stitch.

This stitch is a decorative embroidery stitch that can be worked singly as shown here, or in rows and groups, or tightly clustered as a a filling stitch.

The version called the Algerian Eye, common in counted thread, cross stitch and needlepoint, can be seen on the next page.

To work the stitch, bring your needle up through the fabric at one of the outer points around the area where you are working the eyelet, and bring your needle down at the center. In this example, I am making a rounded eyelet with 12 radiating spokes, but any number of spokes can be used.

Continue working the stitch in the same manner - always working from the outside edge to the center, which forms a small opening in the fabric. This is what makes this stitch an eyelet rather than a solid stitch.

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