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Tools and Supplies

Equip your workbasket with these basic embroidery essentials, read about the latest gizmos and gadgets for embroidery, and locate shops online or in your area that carry embroidery supplies.

Embroidery Threads
Threads for embroidery are available in a wide range of fibers, colors, types and weights. Your choice of threads will depend on the type of fabric used, the fabric thread count, and the type of embroidery you are stitching. There are few hard-fast rules when it comes to selecting embroidery thread - use the type or weight that is best-suited...

Embroidery Fabrics
Fabrics for embroidery are available in different thread counts and are available in cotton, linen and blends. Tightly woven fabrics are best for surface embroidery, while loosely woven fabrics are ideal for counted thread, pulled thread and drawn thread techniques.

Workbasket Essentials
These are some of the embroidery notions you will need to have in your work basket. You may already have many of them on-hand.

Your work basket should contain a wide variety of scissors, including shears, embroidery scissors and thread cutters.

Needles for Embroidery
Different fabrics and types of embroidery require different needles, and these needles come in a range of sizes. Choose the needle that best suits your project.

Toweling for Embroidery
Embroidering on towels or yardage toweling is a fun, easy way to decorate a kitchen or bathroom. There are different ypes of toweling for embroidery available, including these ready-made and yardage items.

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