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Embroidery Types

Learn about the different types of embroidery, including surface embroidery, drawn thread, pulled thread, hardanger, cutwork, crewel embroidery and much more.

Surface Embroidery
Surface embroidery refers to any embroidery stitch that is worked on the surface of the cloth.

Candlewick Embroidery
Candlewicking is a type of whitework having designs made of groups Colonial knots arranged in intricate patterns.

Redwork Embroidery
Redwork encompasses any type of embroidery worked in red thread on white or natural-colored fabric. It is most common in surface embroidery and cross stitch. Redwork has been commonly used in folk embroidery since the advent of stable dyes.

Crewel Embroidery
Crewel is a type of decortive surface embroidery featuring plants, animals and sometimes people, arranged in a fanciful, flowing design or repeating pattern. Usually worked in wool embroidery threads on a linen ground.

Cross Stitch
Cross Stitch is a composite stitch consisting of two diagonally-worked stitches that form an "x" on the fabric. Typically, one stitch is worked over each square in Aida fabric, or counted by working over two threads when using an evenweave fabric, but it can also be used in surface embroidery with stamped or transferred designs.

Bluework Embroidery
Bluework Embroidery is any embroidery worked exclusively in blue thread on a white or natural colored fabric ground. Bluework can be worked in any type of embrdoidery including surface embroidery, cross stitch or crewel.

Sashiko Embroidery
Sashiko is a form of Japanese folk embroidery using the basic running stitch to create a patterned background. The Japanese word Sashiko means "little stabs" and refers to the small stitches used in this form of needlework.

Blackwork Embroidery
Blackwork is a style of counted thread embroidery thought to have originated in Spain. It is traditionally worked in black thread on white evenweave fabric, but today is often worked in other colors.

Whitework Embroidery
Whitework is any type of embroidery worked in white thread on a white fabric ground. White-on-white embroidery is beautiful, elegant and can be worked in a variety of techniques, including surface embroidery, hardanger & hedebo, pulled or drawn thread, schwalm, reticella, mountmellick, cutwork & richelieu, and more. The sites listed below...

Goldwork Embroidery
Embroidery using heavy metal thread is referred to collectively as Goldwork. Popular colors for this type of needlework are gold, silver and sometimes copper. When working Goldwork, metal threads of different types and weights are laid or attached to the surface of the fabric using a couching stitch.

Drawn Thread Embroidery
Drawn Thread is a type of counted thread embroidery used to create open, airy designs in the spaces created by "drawing" or removing threads from the base fabric.

Pulled Thread Embroidery
Pulled thread embroidery is a counted thread technique. Stitches are worked around groups of threads in the base fabric to form gaps, creating lacy, airy fillings, bands, border and hems.

Hardanger Embroidery
Hardanger is a form of embroidery which developed in Hardanger, Norway. It features cutwork and satin stitch arranged intricate, geometric designs.

Hedebo Embroidery
Hedebo is a popular form of whitework, originating in the Hedebo region of Denmark.

Schwalm Embroidery
Schwalm is a type of whitework, worked in surface embroidery and pulled thread stitches.

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