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Work a Thistle Design in Surface Embroidery Stitches


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Scottish Thistle in Hand Embroidery
Work a Thistle Design in Surface Embroidery Stitches

Thistle Butter Mold Designed, Stitched and Framed

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This free embroidery pattern features a thistle flower - the symbol of Scotland - and is worked in basic surface embroidery stitches common to crewel embroidery. Like the Autumn Acorn Pattern, this design is round in shape and was inspired by a design carved into an antique wood butter mould.

The thistle is considered a weed to many, but this native European plant also has uses in herbal medicine, is a common seed used in bird feeders, and is a common component in flower arrangements.

To work my version of the thistle flower, I have used a variety of stitches embroidered on evenweave linen fabric in seven colors of embroidery floss.

The materials list, printable pattern, and the full color stitch key for the thistle project can be found in the following steps.

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