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Work a Thistle Design in Surface Embroidery Stitches


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The Thistle Pattern
Work a Thistle Design in Surface Embroidery Stitches

Thistle Butter Mould Pattern

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Directions for Working the Thistle:
Fold the square of evenweave fabric into quarters and mark the center point of the base fabric. Center the pattern under the fabric and *trace the embroidery design onto the fabric using the water-soluble fabric marking pen.

Referring to the stitch key on the following pages, embroider the design using 2 strands of floss in the needle throughout.

Surface embroidery stitches that have been used in the design include stem stitch as both an outline and filling, detached chain stitch, alternating long and short blanket stitches, French knots, a simple, basic laid filling stitch and basic satin stitch.

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