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Embroidery Hoops


Embroidery Hoops

Assorted Embroidery Hoops

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Embroidery hoops can be made of wood, plastic, PVC or metal and are available in sizes ranging from just a few inches to 18 inches or more. They can be round, oval or square.

These hoops are used to hold the embroidery fabric taut as you work, which helps ensure properly-formed embroidery stitches by giving support to the fabric while stitching.

The fabric is secured between two concentric rings, held in place by a screw or wing nut that can be tightened to hold the fabric in place or loosened to separate the rings.

Hoop selection depends on the size of the finished area of stitching and your preference for materials. See the article on selecting an embroidery hoop for more information on hoops sizes and styles.

TIP: Always remove the embroidery fabric from the hoop before storing your project, even for just a small amount of time. A hoop may leave a ring mark or crease that can be difficult to remove.

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