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Laying Tool


Laying Tool

Laying Tools made from Glass and Wood

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An embroidery laying tool is used with stranded threads, ribbon,, or other embroidery threads when a smooth, flat finish is desired.

The tip of a laying tool tapers to a rounded point near the end, and the tool averages about 6 inches in length.

To use a laying tool, place the tool under the thread as a stitch is being formed. Gently flatten the thread against the tool to straighten the fibers, pulling the thread from the bottom of the work as you work the thread towards the tip of the laying tool, keeping the stitches flat.

Laying tools can be made from wood, glass, metal or plastic and can be found where finer needlework supplies are sold.

Laying tools with sharp tips can also be used as an awl for piercing eyelets or when working with cutwork embroidery or needle lace.

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