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Water Soluble Canvas


Water Soluble Canvas

Water-Soluble Canvas

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Water Soluble Canvas is a needlework product produced by DMC.

It is used to create counted designs, such as cross stitch and needlepoint, on fabrics that are normally not suitable for counted techniques.

The product is similar to waste canvas, in that it is a temporary surface to embroidery on, and is then removed. Water soluble canvas is a clear sheet rather than a woven canvas, and is punched with holes at regular intervals.

While waste canvas is removed thread-by-thread, water soluble canvas is removed by soaking the finished embroidery project in warm, soapy water.

The drawback to using water soluble canvas is that it cannot be used on fabrics that require dry cleaning or spot cleaning, as the fabric must be completely soaked to remove the product.

Alternate Spellings: Water-Soluble Canvas

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