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Frequently Asked Embroidery Questions

There's no such thing as a silly question. Find answers to frequently asked embroidery questions in this section.

How Do I Read a Counted Thread Chart?
Counted thread embroidery is normally worked from a detailed chart, indicating the placement of the embroidery thread over the warp and weft threads in the weave of the supporting embroidery fabric. In this article, you'll learn the basics of how to read a counted thread embroidery chart.

Are Washable Fabric Markers Safe to Use?
Are washable or disappearing ink fabric markers safe to use? The answer depends on several factors. Learn more about using washable fabric marking pens in your embroidery projects.

Does Embroidery Thread Have a Nap?
A reader recently asked, "Do Hand Embroidery Threads Have a Nap?" Learn more about nap and whether it should be a concern when working hand embroidery.

What is a UFO?
What are UFO's, and are they dangerous?

What is an LNS?
What is an LNS?

What Are Orts?
You may have heard about someone saving their orts and have wondered, "What are Orts?" Here you'll find a brief explanation of the term.

What's the Difference Between Stem Stitch and Outline Stitch?
Learn the difference between stem stitch and outline stitch.

Why is Orvus Paste Used to Clean Embroidery?
Why is Orvus Paste used to clean embroidery - isn't it for horses?

My Rayon Floss Keeps Tangling - What Should I Do?
Taming unruly thread that breaks or tangles while working embroidery stitches is simple if you use a thread conditioner. Here's how to use it.

Frequently Asked Embroidery Questions
Here you will find a list of frequently asked embroidery questions. If you don't see your question listed, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to help.

How Do I Start and End a Thread?
Projects shouold be knot-free whenever possible. Here's how to avoid knots in your project.

I'm getting ready to stitch my first Redwork project. Do you have any tips?
Tips for working Redwork Embroidery for beginners

I Like to Stitch with Both Hands Free - Do You Have Any Tool Tips?
If you prefer to work on your embroidery projects with both hands, here are some tips that will help you secure your embroidery hoop.

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