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Why is Orvus Paste Used to Clean Embroidery?


Why is Orvus Paste Used to Clean Embroidery?

Jug of Orvus Paste

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Question: Why is Orvus Paste Used to Clean Embroidery?
Why is Orvus Paste used to clean embroidery - isn't this normally used to clean horses and livestock, and is it safe for cleaning linens and embroidered pieces?

Orvus Paste is 100% sodium lauryl sulfate and is manufactured by Proctor & Gamble. It is a very gentle detergent used to clean cattle, dogs, goats, horses and other livestock.

It is a pure *anionic detergent with a neutral pH and - most importantly - will not discolor dyes. It contains no dyes, perfumes, fats, oils, enzymes or brighteners and is considered a detergent rather than a soap.

Because Orvus is a gentle **surfactant, it is also used to clean embroidered pieces, fine rugs, quilts and other textiles. It can be used in cold, warm or hot water, dissolves quickly and rinses away cleanly without leaving a residue.

Feed stores and some pet stores sell Orvus Paste in a massive 7.5 pound jug, but you can find smaller bottles in quilting supplies stores, some embroidery shops, and larger sewing centers. I purchase Orvus in the large jugs because I use it often, and the price is pennies on the dollar compared to purchasing smaller "boutique" bottles.

*Anionic is the term for an inert, negatively charged molecule.

**A Surfactant is the term for a Surface Action Agent. Surfactants lower the water's surface tension making water, "wetter." This allows the detergent to spread over the surface of the fabric, penetrating the fibers and removing dirt from the surface, suspending it in the water.

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