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Needle Minders and Needle Keepers


Needle Minders and Needle Keepers

A magnetic needle-minder on canvas.

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A needle minder is a handy tool to keep in your workbasket, and is one of my favorite gizmos. They are available in a wide range of styles, colors and price ranges, and can be very collectible.

The minders are made from two strong magnets with a decorative top and a plain backing magnet. The image shown here features a my favorite cameo-style ceramic-topped needle minder, ready for use.

The minders are attached by sandwiching the embroidery fabric between the decorative top magnet and the plain backing magnet.

The magnets serve two purposes; the first is for attaching the minder to the fabric, as the magnets won't pierce or puncture your embroidery fabric, and the second is to hold your pre-threaded (a real time saver!) or extra embroidery needles securely in place as you stitch.

Using a needle minder allows you to pre-thread several needles and park them, which keeps them handy and ready for use while working your embroidery. They also keep your needle safe if you need to stop working and set the embroidery down for a few moments, as the magnets will hold the needles in place while you take a break from stitching.

Needle minders can be used while working any type of needlework, including all types of embroidery, needlepoint, or cross stitch.

Caution: Remove the needles and the needle minder from the fabric before tucking everything into your workbasket when you have finished working on your project for the day. The minders may come off while stored and you will lose your needles.

Also Known As: Needle-Minder, Needle Keeper

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