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Tiger Tape


Tiger Tape Old Made Quilts

Tiger Tape is a temporary adhesive spacing tool that is used as a guide to help space stitches an equal distance apart when working embroidery, appliqué or quilting stitches.

The pre-marked lines on the tape are evenly spaced, giving stitchers a guide to follow when working evenly-spaced stitches on the fabric, and is flexible enough to be used on straight ande curved edges. The tape is particularly useful when working embroidery stitches that must be spaced evenly for best results, including the running stitch, parisian stitch, herringbone stitch and many others, or when attaching appliqués to fabric using the blanket stitch.

Tiger Tape can also be used when working counted-thread stitches on plainweave fabrics such as broadcloth or high thead count cotton or linen, or on other fabrics where it's difficult to count the warp and weft threads in the fabric.

Each roll contains approximately 30 yards of tape, and the tape is reusable. Sizes and styles available include 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch tapes (9 or 12 stitches per inch) with evenly-spaced markings as well as 1/2 inch featuring half-square triangle markings.

Also Known As: Spacing Tape

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