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Gobble 'til You Wobble Turkey Embroidery Pattern


Gobble 'til You Wobble Turkey Embroidery Pattern
Gobble 'til You Wobble Turkey Embroidery Pattern

Pattern for the Wobbly Turkey

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Wild turkeys are native to North America and the turkey has become a symbol of the Thanksgiving holiday. On the last Thursday of November, farmed turkeys grace nearly every American table, which is why the holiday is often referred to affectionately as turkey day.

The Gobble 'til You Wobble free hand embroidery pattern features an over-stuffed turkey teetering on his skinny legs after partaking in a Thanksgiving feast. Stitch the wobbly bird in a variety of easy hand embroidery stitches on a plainweave fabric like broadcloth or muslin, or work the turkey on a pre-made kitchen towel or table runnner. The bird can even be used as the center of a wall hanging quilting project.

The turkey and optional lettering can be worked in bright fall colors of embroidery threads. Or, work the designs in red embroidery floss on natural colored fabric to make it a redwork project.

The actual size of the turkey is approximately 6x8 inches. However, the pattern can be easily changed to any size. Simply double-click the images (provided as a standard .jpg images) and save them to your desktop. You can then re-size the images using any photo editing software you have on your computer or laptop.

After transferring the pattern to the embroidery fabric, stitch the designs using your favorite embroidery threads and fibers. You can add a bit of glitz by using metallic holographic or specialty embroidery threads.


Cut a square of evenweave or plainweave cotton or linen fabric four inches larger all around than the desired size of the embroidered area, or use a pre-made item such as a runner, towel or pplacemat. Fold the fabric into quarters and mark the center point of the fabric. Center the pattern under the fabric and trace the embroidery design onto the fabric using a water-soluble fabric marking pen or other transfer method. If you are tracing and have difficulty seeing the pattern through the fabric, use a light box, or trace the design by holding the fabric and pattern up to a window. If you choose to use iron-on transfer pens or pencils, print and trace the pattern in reverse. You can learn more about using heat transfers in the handy iron-on transfers tutorial.

Embroider the designs in your chosen embroidery thread. If stitching using the patterns full-size using cotton embroidery floss, use two strands of floss in your needle (or use a single strand for a thinner line, and three or more strands for thicker lines).

Refer to the embroidery stitches section of this web site for directions for a variety of hand embroidery stitches you can use in this project, such as stem stitch or back stitch for the outlines and letter, and do consider using the fern stitch to work the accent lines that run the length of each wing and tail feather.

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