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Nativity Embroidery Part 1


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Embroidered Nativity Part 1
Nativity Embroidery Part 1

The Holy Family

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Stitch along with us as we make a soft, colored Nativity Set for Christmas. This creche is embroidered on plainweave fabric using a variety of basic embroidery stitches. After removing the embroidery pattern markings, the pieces are filled with color using PrismaColor Artists' Pencils (a set of 48 colors is ideal).

PrismaColor pencils are waxed-based and are a terrific tool to add color and shading to a project, but should only be used on items that will not be washed or exposed to moisture. Washing after coloring with these wax-based pencils even after heat-setting the colors could result in color loss or pigment migration.

If you want to create an item that can be washed, another technique should be used, such as filling in the areas with stitches such as seed stitch, French knots or satin stitch, or work the project in Redwork. You could also fill in the areas with punch-needle embroidery or fabric paint, or use ball-point paint tubes (they still exist, but can be difficult to locate).

To work the series as an embroidered and colored set, we'll start the series with the Holy Family, having separate figures for Mary, Baby Jesus and Joseph, located in Part 2 of this series. I group version with all 3 figures is also available.

Other characters for the creche, including the Three Kings/Wide Men, Angels, Shepherds, camels, and Barnyard Animals will be featured in subsequent parts, and added as they are complete. The final section will give instructions for finishing the figures as stand-up that can be displayed on a table top.

You will find links to the additional pieces in the Free Weekly Newsletter and on the Main Embroidery Page as they are posted.

The materials given on the next page apply to all figures in the creche, so gather your materials and let's get started!

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