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Surface Embroidery Alphabet with No-Count Cross Stitch
Surface Alphabet
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This vintage-style pattern for a hand embroidered alphabet with optional flowers is worked using easy surface embroidery stitches and no-count cross stitch. Use all the letters together as a sampler, or use them individually create monograms or personalized projects.

The cross stitch portion of the design is no-count because the design is marked on a plainweave fabric, with the marked lines covered by the embroidery. This is different from traditional types of cross stitch because there are no threads in the fabric or squares in the Aida cloth to be counted while working the stitching.

The image above shows a single hoop framed letter embroidered on linen in size 5 pearl cotton. I've enlarged the pattern 150% to make a larger monogram. If you are working the design actual size, use 3 strands of floss in your needle when working the design for best coverage.

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