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Hand Embroidery Stitches

Learn to work a variety of stitches suitable for hand embroidery. The stitches are arranged alphabetically, as well as by stitch family or embroidery type to make them easy to find. Learn a new stitch, or try a variation of a familiar embroidery stitch by following the simple diagrams and directions.
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Alphabetical Embroidery Stitch List - Quick Reference
Here you will find an alphabetical list of stitches for surface embroidery along with a diagram for working the stitches. These are the basic stitches that every beginner to embroidery should learn, as well as variations of well-known embroidery stitches.

Stitch of the Week List
Did you miss one of the "Stitch of the Week" announcements in the blog or newsletter? You can find a complete list of the stitches featured every week in this section, listed in chronological order.

Crossed Stitches and Cross Stitches
Stitches composed from crossed stitches can be used singly, in rows and bands or as fillings. While commonly used in cross stitch on Aida fabric, or counted thread embroidery on evenweave fabric, they can also be worked in surface embroidery on plainweave fabrics by pre-marking the stitch location using your favorite transfer methods. These...

Feather and Fern Stitches
Feather and Fern stitches produce elaborate, airy and delicate-looking stitches. The simplest forms of the stitch can be used along straight and curved lines in an embroidery pattern or project, while the more elaborate and wider varieties are suitable for bands and borders.

Laid Stitches
Laid embroidery stitches are composite stitches - consisting or more than one stitch - used to fill an area in an embroidery design.

How to Make an Away Knot
Learn to make an Away Knot, one of the basic, temporary starting knots for embroidery.

How to Make a Waste Knot
Learn to make a Waste not, a temporary starting knot used to secure the thread to start stitching embroidery.

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