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The Bosnian Stitch
Bosnian Stitch

Working the Bosnian Stitch

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The Bosnian stitch can be used in a surface embroidery, freestyle or counted thread embroidery project where a zigzag line is needed. There are several different ways the stitch can be worked, and two variations are given here in this article.

This page features a method for working the Bosnian stitch on one pass, while the next step shows a quick-stitch method that is worked in two passes.

Regardless of the bethod you select, this stitch should be worked while having the embroidery fabric held taut in an embroidery hoop for best results. This will ensure that the stitches are not worked too tightly or loosely.

To work the two-sided method, follow the diagram above, bring the embroidery needle out of the fabric at A and inserting it at B to make a straight, vertical stitch. Next, bring the needle up through the fabric to the lower right of the stitch at C, and then insert the needle into the top of the first stitch at D, making a diagonal stitch that can be seen from both sides of the fabric. Repeat across the row.

Go to step two to see an alternate method of working the Bosnian stitch.

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